Men's Cycling Socks

Cycling socks shouldn't be an afterthought. The right pair will keep your feet comfortable and dry even on the toughest rides. Hincapie men's cycling socks are available in lightweight breathable technical fabrics and merino wool, each designed to wick moisture away from your feet so you can focus on your ride.

  • Men's FND Sock 5" Cuff - Chattanooga 2023
  • Power Merino Wool Sock 6" Cuff
  • Power Merino Wool Sock 4" Cuff
  • Power Midweight Sock 7"
  • Power Sock 3" Cuff
  • Power Sock 5" Cuff
  • Power Sock 1" Cuff Hot Pink

Hincapie men’s cycling socks protect your feet while cycling through all seasons. It’s important that your cycling socks keep moisture off of your feet while also insulating them in winter. In summer, the best cycling socks are made from a micro-nylon, and in winter, merino wool is best. These materials are better for cycling than cotton socks because they don’t expand when wet with sweat.

Hincapie cycling socks are great year-round, but the importance of cycling socks increases as temperatures begin to drop. Keeping your feet from freezing is crucial to stabilizing your body temperature. Because good circulation is important while cycling, so are cycling socks. They should be fitted enough to maintain blood flow but should not bunch and rub.

Cycling socks are a small but important part of your cycling kit. Wearing loose socks or layers of socks are sure ways to cause numbness. A great pair of Hincapie men’s bike socks will keep your feet warm and dry for hours. They come in 3” to 7” cuff lengths. When competing, socks should only come halfway between the ankle bone and the kneecap. Choosing a colorful pair will increase your visibility and safety on your bike.