Men's Cycling Base Layers

Designed to help you regulate the perfect body temperature, Hincapie men's cycling base layers come in moisture-wicking merino wool, thermal, and mesh fabrics. Available in sleeveless, short sleeve, and long sleeve, our cycling base layers will keep you warm on a brisk winter ride, or help you stay cool on a hot summer day.

  • Power Dry Cooling Mesh Sleeveless Baselayer
  • Power Dry Sleeveless Baselayer
  • Power Dry Short Sleeve Baselayer
  • PowerCore Merino Long Sleeve Baselayer
  • PowerCore Merino Short Sleeve Baselayer

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Hincapie men’s cycling base layers are designed with merino wool for an insulated and breathable winter ride or our PolarTec® Delta for a cool and dry summer ride. Sweat is a sign you’re cycling strong, but it can also slow you down. In winter, sweat leads to a shivering, teeth-chattering ride, and in any season it causes cycling clothes to stretch and bunch and start to chafe. A performance base layer is foundational to your cycling kit. It regulates the temperature of your core and wicks the sweat from your skin. It’s like a second skin that keeps your body dry and lets the right amount of air in.

To do its job well, a cycling base layer should be snug and light. Our flatlock stitching means no chafing. Short sleeve base layers are made for short sleeve jerseys, and long sleeve base layers are made for long sleeve jerseys. Wearing mismatched sleeve lengths can lead to bunching and discomfort.

Our base layers are made of synthetic materials, like polyester, which is best for performance and warm, sunny rides. While Hincapie merino wool base layers are best for cool weather riding, base layers made from synthetics are form-fitting yet breathable, and they’re the best at keeping moisture out. Both materials wick moisture well, but synthetics are a little more breathable. Merino wool is a natural, porous fiber that simultaneously insulates and wicks the sweat away, making it a popular fabric choice for our winter base layers. Also, it doesn’t trap bacteria as quickly as synthetic materials do, so the smell of sweat doesn’t linger.