Men's Cycling Jackets & Vests

Get the perfect men's cycling jacket to keep you warm, dry, and shielded from the wind. Made from premium materials we offer insulated cycling jackets, waterproof cycling jackets, cycling vests, and windbreakers in a variety of styles you'll love.

  • Men's Roubaix Thermal Vest
  • Men's Windtex Vest
  • Aspen Hoodie

    Aspen Hoodie


  • Men's Element Pocket Shell
  • Lusso Sweater

    Lusso Sweater


  • Panache Hoodie

    Panache Hoodie



  • Pacific Rain Shell

What are the benefits of a cycling jacket or vest?

Men’s cycling jackets and vests are made for much more than keeping you warm. They’re designed with wind and rain in mind. Our cycling outerwear is warm, wind-repellant, and water-resistant. As you’re shopping for a cycling jacket, you should consider the type of weather you expect to frequently encounter on your rides. Some jackets and vests are warmer or more waterproof than others. All good cycling jackets or vests should block out the wind and keep you warm and dry from the inside and out, but you need to make sure the one you choose is insulated or waterproof enough for the weather you’ll face. Our Alsace jacket is our warmest and most wind-repellent option for the cyclist who doesn’t let winter weather conditions get in his way.

Men’s cycling jacket & vest features

  • Highly reflective accents for safe night or early morning rides 

  • Pockets within reach while riding 

  • Tall collars and tight cuffs to keep wind out 

  • Certain vests made with BodE Thermal Soft fabric to regulate body heat

  • Certain jackets made with four-way stretch Super Roubaix MTX Wind Repel 

What’s the difference between a jersey and a jacket? 

A cycling jersey is intended to keep you dry from the inside out with moisture-wicking fabric and release extra body heat to regulate body temperature. It’s the clothing between the base layer and the jacket and is often worn on its own. A jacket is intended to keep you warm and dry from the outside in. It’s the outermost layer of your cycling apparel. It’s not worn on its own, but with a cycling jersey and base layer. A cycling jacket is specifically made for cold or rainy weather.