Men's Cycling Jerseys

You'll love the fit and feel of our men's cycling jerseys. Each jersey style is tried and tested by our pro riders, and is made from technical fabrics that keep you cool and dry -- even on the most challenging rides. Choose from short and long sleeve cycling jerseys in a variety of styles and colors.

  • Men's Thermal Long Sleeve Jersey - Sundown
  • Men's Virtual Short Sleeve Jersey
  • Men's 2021 Gran Fondo Hincapie-Chattanooga Short Sleeve Jersey
  • Men's 2021 Gran Fondo Hincapie-Greenville Short Sleeve Jersey
  • Men's L'enfer du Nord Thermal Long Sleeve Jersey - Red
  • Men's L'enfer du Nord Thermal Long Sleeve Jersey - Blue
  • Men's Mi Patria Short Sleeve Jersey
  • Men's Momentum Short Sleeve Jersey - Red
  • Men's Momentum Short Sleeve Jersey - Black
  • Men's BLACK Short Sleeve Jersey

What’s the benefit of a Hincapie men’s cycling jersey?

Our men’s cycling jerseys are ventilated to keep you cool while offering protection against UV rays on long, sunny rides. When road racing, you want your cycling jersey to be snug but not too tight. Our cycling jerseys offer a comfortable slim fit which assists in maintaining speed against wind resistance. We also offer some more relaxed fit jerseys that are ideal for recreational riders. 

Men’s cycling jersey features:

Material and features make up the quality of a cycling jersey. Our jerseys are designed with

  • Pockets for snacks or a phone in places you can easily reach while riding

  • Pro-grip waistbands and armbands to keep your jersey from bunching up

  • Front zipper for ventilation 

  • Flat seams or no seams to eliminate abrasion

  • Reflective logo to keep you visible while riding

Long sleeve cycling jerseys or short sleeve cycling jerseys?

Choosing between a long or short sleeve cycling jersey involves more than just checking for cool or warm temperatures. Sometimes long sleeve jerseys are a great option in warm weather, so long as they aren’t insulated and are well-ventilated. Light and long sleeve jerseys can protect the arms from sunburn and keep the sweat off of you. On the other hand, short sleeve jerseys may feel less restrictive. This really comes down to rider preference.

Our lightweight TourTek fabric or RunLite fabric short sleeve and long sleeve cycling jerseys are suitable for warmer weather, while our long sleeve options for winter weather are made from our BodE Thermal Heat fabric. This technical fabric is warm and insulated but breathable so you don’t have to worry about overheating.