Men's Cycling Shorts

Pro tested and approved, our men's cycling shorts are designed for comfort and performance. With features like a seamless design, chamois for comfort, and lightweight moisture-wicking fabrics, you'll find your go-to bike shorts at Hincapie.

  • Men's Momentum Short

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Benefits of wearing men’s cycling shorts 

Hincapie cycling shorts are made to aid your motion and flexibility in the saddle, while regular athletic shorts increase your chances of discomfort, abrasion, and chafing. Shorts that bunch up or slip down make cycling miserable. Your cycling shorts should not move without you but should enhance the movement of your muscles and pedal stroke. 

Cycling shorts are made to be tight so you can maintain regular blood flow for hours of cycling. 

Road cycling and racing shorts are long and fitted with a dense chamois. Triathlon shorts are shorter and made from thinner material with a light chamois.  

What makes our chamois great?

Hincapie chamois are tried and true--they’re designed, tested, and used by professional cyclists. Our different chamois provide maximum support, ventilation, and custom comfort for short (less than 2 hours), medium (2-4 hours), or long distance (4+ hours) rides. They’re the perfect support for your seat bones on a ride, with gel inserts that conform perfectly to your form.

Men’s cycling shorts features

  • Made from our lightweight and breathable Cool Flash Lycra 

  • Sun protection (SPF 50) 

  • Shock-absorbing chamois 

  • Smooth seams or a seamless fit with our Power Short

  • Hincapie Gel-Gripper that keeps shorts from riding up 

  • Moisture-wicking fabric to keep you dry and your shorts from stretching and causing discomfort