Men's Earth Short Sleeve Jersey



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Get outside and ride in a jersey that pays tribute to the natural elements. Utilizing a hexagon pattern that is a nod to our planet's ever-changing cycles and processes, this limited edition jersey is constructed from our custom Velocity line—our most popular collection because of its sleek, versatile fit. The Earth Jersey has an aerodynamic design that keeps you comfortable during your most intense rides. It utilizes two fabrics: one infused with UPF 30+ fibers to protect your skin from the sun, and another with a lightweight, mositure-wicking Lycra fabric to keep you cool. The jersey has Gel Grip at the back of the waist to hold the jersey in place and Pro Grip arm bands to maximize comfort in different riding positions. Three back pockets allow room for your phone, energy gels and water bottles.

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moisture wicking


summer weight


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