Women's Cycling Socks

You'll love our performance women's cycling socks. Choose from merino wool and technical fabrics that wick moisture away from your feet, keeping them dry and comfortable. Stay cool with lightweight socks or grab a few pairs of mid-weight socks and keep your feet warm on chillier rides.

  • Men's FND Sock 5" Cuff - Chattanooga 2023
  • Power Midweight Sock 7"
  • Power Sock 3" Cuff
  • Power Sock 5" Cuff
  • Power Sock 1" Cuff Hot Pink
  • Women's Power Sock High 3" Cuff

Hincapie women’s cycling socks keep your feet feeling their best while cycling. Cycling socks aren’t trivial to performance. Feet are essential to cycling, so they deserve our attention. On a ride, your feet should stay dry, cool, and supported. In colder temps, merino wool socks are best for retaining warmth while wicking away moisture. On warmer days, synthetic fibers are light and breathable and keep sweat out. Our socks’ moisture-wicking materials help your feet stay odor-free no matter how hard your ride.

Benefits of women’s cycling socks

Cycling socks are different from other pairs of athletic socks. Running socks have extra padding to absorb the shock of pounding the pavement, but your feet don’t need this cushioning while cycling. In fact, it may even create additional pressure points and discomfort pressed against the pedal. Cycling socks have their own important features. They should stay dry, have a tight fit to compress and prevent slipping, and add no additional pressure points. Choosing socks in a bright color is a plus because it helps increase your visibility on the road. The height of your cycling socks depends on the look you prefer, but longer socks do offer more protection if cycling on gravel or dirt.