Women's Cycling Shorts

You'll love our padded women's bike shorts, they've been pro-tested and are female rider approved. Each pair of Hincapie women's cycling shorts feature a chamois made for female riders that provides maximum comfort without sacrificing performance. Our bike shorts are breathable, moisture-wicking, and offer a flattering fit.

  • Women's Momentum Short

Hincapie women’s cycling shorts are designed to support your movements and physique for the most comfortable rides in your saddle. The highlight of our women’s cycling shorts are the pro-tested chamois with shock-absorbing gel inserts that keep you from feeling every bump in the road. They morph to your body to protect from saddle sores or abrasion so you’re always ready for your next ride. Our Hincapie gel gripper keeps your shorts from crawling up your leg, and our breathable Lycra fabrics give SPF 50+ sun protection. The smooth stitching goes unnoticed on rides and prevents marks and abrasions. The tight and responsive Lycra fabrics prevent bunching that leads to chafing, aids circulation, and supports tired muscles for hours.

Benefits of our women’s chamois 

The most crucial piece to performance in your cycling shorts is the chamois. Finding a great chamois can make a world of difference in your endurance and enjoyment cycling.

  • Our women’s cycling shorts include a female-specific chamois. They’re shorter and wider to fit the female physique and designed with the soft tissue and pressure point differences between women and men in mind. 
  • They’re light, breathable, and moisture-wicking so you don’t have to worry about awkward sweat spots off the saddle. 
  • The women’s chamois are dense, not bulky. More padding is not always better. It creates excess bulk that leads to sweating and rubbing and chafing and saddle sores. The level of density you need depends on the type, length, and speed of your ride. The longer and faster you ride, the denser your chamois will be. Chamois for triathletes are thinner to assist running and swimming. 

How should women’s bike shorts fit?

If your performance is key and you plan to ride longer distances, then your shorts should be tight but not so tight they restrict your movement. If you cycle to commute or mountain bike, then your shorts will be looser. The bands at the bottom of your shorts should grip your legs. The waist should not be restrictive or uncomfortable–it’s too tight if it pinches you or curls over. The waist should be higher in the back so your shorts don’t slip too low when riding. If you’re worried about your shorts slipping, try our women’s bib shorts with over-the-shoulder straps. The length of your shorts is up to you, but longer shorts will provide better quad support for longer rides.

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